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Mission Statement
The Women's Forum is an affinity group of the Minnesota chapter of the Risk Management Association (RMA). We are a community of women who provide the opportunity for all women in the risk management profession to enhance their careers, develop a network of resources, learn about topics applicable to both their professional and personal development, and encourage their success.

The purpose of the Women’s Forum is to enhance women’s personal and professional development. We will achieve this by providing:

  • Access to relevant resources and learning opportunities, which will be determined by polling RMA MN members and past event attendees on a periodic basis (examples include; guest speakers, information such as mentoring resources, etc)
  • Organized opportunities for RMA MN members and guests to network with other professional women in risk management related fields
  • Support to each other by offering guidance or suggestions
  • Business and/or social events at least 4 times per year to provide meaningful opportunities for professional women to benefit from the Forum 
  • Opportunities to have fun, meet someone new and/or learn something new


  • Maintain or grow attendance at Women’s Forum events each year
  • Increase RMA MN chapter membership by promoting the benefits of RMA membership
  • Help women in all stages of their careers grow professionally through an exchange of information, ideas, and overall broadening of perspective

Steering Committee
The Women’s Forum is managed by a Steering Committee (refer to RMA MN Women’s Forum Steering Committee Charter). Women’s Forum Steering Committee members must be RMA local chapter members (national membership not required, but encouraged).

Each Women’s Forum event attendee, including Steering Committee members, will contribute towards the cost of sustaining the Forum by paying a fee for each meeting or event they attend. This per meeting fee may also include a small administrative fee for the services provided by the MN RMA (distributing emails, collecting survey results, organizing events, etc.).



The Women’s Forum of the Minnesota Chapter of the Risk Management Association is pleased to present the launch of our BOLD Mentorship Program.

Business | Opportunities | Leadership | Development

Are you at a point in your career/life where you would like to mentor someone?
OR...  Have you been considering having a mentor, but not sure how or where to find one?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, this program is a great opportunity for you. Women and Men are encouraged to join.

Mentor/Mentee relationships last 6-12 months, after you sign up and are matched up with an individual, there are no rules/formats that are required to be adhered to. You both set the pace and discuss what your objectives are that you will cover during the Mentor/Mentee relationship. Meet in person or chat on the phone, this is about what works best for the both of you. Either party has the right to terminate early for any reason, no questions asked.

The BOLD Mentorship Program is managed by the Women’s Forum, however Women and Men are encouraged to apply to be a Mentor/Mentee.

NOTE: Individual Affiliation in the Minnesota Chapter of the Risk Management Association is required of all Mentor and Mentees.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Mentor or Mentee, click HERE or email Brenda Ryan, Chapter Administrator.

12 Oct

Women in Leadership Panel

Join us in person on Tuesday, October 12th to hear from a panel of three local, dynamic leaders on what strong leadership looks like today, the importance…

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