Relationship Management: Using Credit as a Sales Tool

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Relationship Management: Using Credit as a Sales Tool

Monitoring the existing client while seeking cross-sell opportunities.

Course Overview
With banks looking to achieve double-digit growth, relationship managers must continue to find business opportunities while at the same time managing portfolio credit quality. Today's relationship manager must be a generalist, with knowledge of all areas of financial services. Equally important are sales and customer service skills as well as an understanding of credit and corporate finance.

The number and sophistication of financing techniques available today have outpaced the understanding of many CEOs, who don't always know how to apply them in meeting strategic goals. These executives must find ways to ensure that their companies' financing and operating strategies work together in a comprehensive, integrated way to enhance shareholder value. The best source for this guidance is the relationship manager.

The CEO of today is seeking a financial institution and relationship manager who can:

  • Provide traditional banking services
  • Offer a broad array of capital-raising capabilities
  • Deliver expertise in the application of financing techniques and problem solving

This means that the relationship manager must be a solutions-oriented knowledge intermediary, with an understanding of the competitive demands that clients face and an ability to ensure a high-quality and profitable portfolio for the bank.

RMA's one-day course Relationship Management: Using Credit as a Sales Tool has been developed to help relationship managers gain this diverse set of skills.

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Thursday, Nov 30, 2017


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


To be determined