Local Education Classes for Bankers

The events below are put on by the Minnesota Chapter of the Risk Management Association. Please join us for some of our upcoming education events focused on risk management for banks and non-bank financial institutions.

14 Mar

Cash Flow III

CASH FLOW III All business bankers must be able to assess the cash flow generation abilities of their borrowers, because it’s ultimately their cash flow…

18 Apr

LOAN DOCUMENTATION I: Non-Collateral Issues

LOAN DOCUMENTATION I: Non-Collateral Issues Many individuals think of collateral when they hear the word documentation.  However, while collateral is certainly…

25 Apr


LOAN DOCUMENTATION II: Collateral IssuesAn unforeseen event happened to your borrower's business.  Don't worry, though.  You won't need to charge it off–if…

09 May

Practical Business Writing

PRACTICAL BUSINESS WRITING If you could use a little extra help with your everyday writing skills, but you don't want to spend your valuable time learning…