Lending to Non-Profit Organizations


Friday, Jun 28, 2019


8:30 am - 5:00 pm




Event Details

Lending to Nonprofit Organizations

How to work effectively with nonprofits—as customers and as prospects.

Course Overview:
Lending to Nonprofit Organizations covers the appropriate methods for analyzing and lending to entities such as churches, charities, colleges and universities, and hospitals. It has been revised to include an overview and history of nonprofits; changes in financial statement analysis and presentation; a review of tax returns (990); underwriting policies and standards; a list of resources; a nonprofits vocabulary; and case studies to help reinforce concepts learned.

Who will benefit?
If you are a lender, credit officer, credit analyst, or loan review officer with little or no experience in lending to nonprofits, this course will provide you with the confidence and skills you need to make informed decisions about lending to nonprofit organizations.

You will:

  • Have the information and skills needed to work effectively with many nonprofit organizations, both as customers and as prospects.
  • Be able to identify the credit needs of nonprofit organizations and make sound credit decisions.
  • Review the basics of accounting for nonprofit organizations.
  • Evaluate the risks involved in lending to a nonprofit and how to mitigate those risks.


Participants are expected to have a thorough knowledge of financial accounting, traditional financial statement analysis, and cash flow analysis.

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Brenda Ryan
RMA Minnesota Chapter Administrator