Building Your Analysis Using Care Ratios and Indicators


Wednesday, Feb 16, 2022


8:30am - 4:30pm

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Sunrise Banks Headquarters

2525 Wabash Avenue
St. Louis Park MN 55114


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Building Your Analysis Using Care Ratios and Indicators 

Recommended for Credit Analysts, Underwriters and Commercial Bankers of all levels.
This is a foundation course offered by the MN Chapter of the Risk Management Association that sets the stage for further learning.

Building Your Analysis Using Core Ratios & Indicators - If you cannot say it succinctly and get to the point, you either do not understand it or do not believe in it! This is crucial in presenting your credit approval write ups. Your audience needs to know what the key risk factors are that relate to your specific client. That means digging down to determine where the cash shortfall originated, how often will your borrower experience cash flow shortages, how long will the cash shortfall last and what is the self-liquidating asset that will repay the loan you make today? By understanding the industry your client is in, the impact of the marketplace on the business, management’s ability, the expectations that exist for how the business should look, assessing the current condition of the firm as well as narrowing down the primary risks associated with the specific business are required to correctly assess any credit request.

This course uses realistic case studies to drill down into the core cash drivers, assess cash flow models, detail what the financial ratios in your spreads are telling you to focus on the key risk areas that need attention. While there are many numbers, the goal here is to focus on the few events that lead to the right decision and structure that will assist you in making your credit write ups more effective. This will assist your audience, the credit committee and others who approve your credit requests to fully understand the risk of the client without having to wade through a text book sized write up.

Note: There will be light homework prior to the class presentation


  • Use of various cases studies to reflect different risk and analysis.
  • Setting general expectations on manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, retail and service industry clients on how the financials should look and what to expect.
  • Financial statement analysis of key information, setting expectations for the core cash drivers, cash to cash cycle, cash cycle, UCA Cash Flow, ratios and the impact each will have on the credit risk of the borrower.
  • Drilling down to the core important ratios and information that detail the specific risks to highlight
  • Writing concise credit presentations that focus on the core credit risk associated with the specific borrower, industry, type of loan structure, management and marketplace impact.
  • Monitoring existing borrowers for early warning signs of trouble or areas of opportunities to expand the relationship.

LOCATION: Sunrise Banks Headquarters - 2525 Wabash Avenue / St. Paul, MN 55114

ITEMS TO BRING: Pencils and Calculator. Fully charged laptop.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT COVID-19: Please be assured that seating will be placed at the recommended distance in the meeting room. Masks are strongly encouraged for all attendees.

PRESENTER: Brad Stevens is the founder of Stevens Risk Management, LLC which specializes in credit training and consulting for both the finance and manufacturing industry. He has over 30 years of experience in banking that included leading two banks out of troubled credit positions, identifying the deteriorating credits, working directly or with lenders in rehab and exit strategies as well as rebuilding the credit cultures to avoid future credit problems.

As a banker, Brad built strong credit portfolios based on the core approaches that he now shares in his training programs. He brings a unique hands on experience to his training sharing real world examples that resonate with those in attendance at presentations. Brad believes strongly in the philosophy of Making Banking Better through Bankers Training Bankers.

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