2022 Commercial Lending Academy


Monday, Feb 7, 2022 - Thursday, Feb 10, 2022


8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Fee After

  • Non-Affiliate: $2,300
  • Affiliate: $2,100

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MOA - Boundary Waters Meeting Room

60 E Broadway
Bloomington MN 55425


Event Details

2022 Commercial Lending Academy

The Minnesota Chapter of the Risk Management Association is excited to offer our 22nd offer the Commercial Lending Academy (CLA) in person in 2022. Since the program's inception, over 500 lenders, credit analysts and financial industry professionals from more than 95 institutions in the Midwest have graduated from the Academy. Our program provides a comprehensive overview to the various aspects of the commercial loan underwriting and management process.

To minimize the time commitment away from the office, the material is organized into a two-week format: Monday, February 7 through Thursday, February 10 (8:00am - 5:00pm) AND Monday, March 7 through Thursday, March  10 (8:00am - 5:00pm) - Eight days total.

TUITION: (includes light breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages)

  • RMA Chapter Affiliates = $2,100
  • Non Affiliates = $2,300

The Commercial Lending Academy provides all the tools you need to excel in your commercial lending career. While selling is important in banking, it is credit that provides the foundation you really need to successfully serve your client. By understanding the credit process from initial request through post-closing monitoring, the key is always, solving the client’s problem. Anyone can be an order taker but navigating the financial statements to fully understanding your client’s business, the key credit indicators that will give you insight into the areas that are causing them headaches or concerns that they themselves may not completely recognize will set you apart from your competition.

The CLA has been for years the most comprehensive program that RMA-MN offers. It utilizes real world case studies to deepen your analysis skills, shares essential cash flow techniques to uncover the real source of your borrower’s cash short fall as well as offering various perspectives on approaches to structure.

Additional features of the Commercial Lending Academy include presentations from industry experts that will give you an up-to-date and future look at special topics and industry trends.

This 8-day course covers:

  • Presentation of a credit process for an efficient and organized path from initial request to developing a strong post-close relationship.
  • Understanding the existence of a cash short fall that needs to be effectively analyzed with a solution provided by the banker.
  • Detailed methods to analyze key information from the borrower using the seven core cash drivers, cash to cash cycle, cash cycle, global cash flow, Traditional Cash Flow, UCA Cash flow as well as sensitivity analysis.
  • Assessing sustainable growth of a borrower and using it to assist the borrower in safe growth levels.
  • Using case studies to provide real world examples of what to look for and how to solve your clients’ problems, cementing the relationship with them.
  • Providing options for the optimal credit structure for your client using the right repayment structure, loan structure as well as proper covenant usage.
  • Recognizing early warning signs of stressed credits while laying out a decision matrix for determining rehab or exit of the lending relationship as well as providing the basics for starting a troubled credit action plan
  • A capstone group project where you will analyze a client, prepare a credit presentation and present your solution before a real-life credit panel.

FACILITATOR - Brad Stevens:
Brad is the founder of Stevens Risk Management, LLC which specializes in credit training and consulting for both the finance and manufacturing industry. He has over 30 years of experience in banking ranging from building strong credit portfolios as a banker, leading both lending and credit departments, as well as navigating banks through tough credit times. Mr. Stevens brings a unique hands on experience to his training sharing real world examples that resonate with those in attendance at presentations.

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Brenda Ryan
RMA Minnesota Chapter Administrator
info@rma-mn.org / 763-486-7219

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Cancelation Policy

Email info@rma-mn.orgprior to January 31, 2022 and there will be no charge.  Cancellations received after 1/31/22 (and no-shows) will be charged the full applicable registration fee.  Substitutions are allowed, however the new candidate must go through the application process.

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