Practical Contract Law for Bankers 2016

Past Event

Recognizing that most business dealings between borrower and banker touch upon contract law issues, this course uses lecture and case studies to explore the practical issues that arise for participants in the area of contract law.

Participants are exposed to basic legal issues such as: How and when is a contract formed? What defenses are available to prevent enforcement? Where do contract terms come from? What constitutes excusable non-performance? What remedies are available to both lender and borrower? And, what issues arise when a third party is introduced into a deal?

The focus of this course is on the practical use of common contract law principles, rather than on a detailed examination of existing law.

In this seminar, we will cover:

  • Contract types: [express, implied-in-fact, implied-in-law]
  • Contract formation requirements [offer, acceptance, consideration]
  • Contract defenses
  • Sources of contract terms
  • Warranties [express and implied]
  • Explaining contract terms
  • Unconditional and conditional contract performance standards
  • Excuses for non-performance
  • Remedies for breach

PARTICIPANTS: All business lenders, credit analysts, loan reviewers, lending managers and bank presidents.

INSTRUCTOR: John Reik of John Reik & Associates, a Minnesota based business training and consulting firm. John has presented numerous RMA seminars and has been a lecturer and Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Minnesota for over 39 years. He also was senior trainer and manager of Credit and Finance Education for U.S. Bank for 8 years.

ANCHOR BANK: 14665 Galaxie Ave, Lower Level | Apple Valley, MN 55124
(Corner of Galaxie & 147th Street between Cedar Ave & Galaxie)

Note: We are unable to guarantee enough outlets for everyone to charge phones.



Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016


8:30AM - 5:00PM


Anchor Bank

14665 Galaxie Ave
Apple Valley Minnesota 55124