Loan Documentation I: Non-Collateral Issues

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Many individuals think of collateral when they hear the word documentation. However, while collateral is certainly an important part of documentation, it is not the only important part. The focus of the course is on the non-collateral part of documentation, and emphasis is therefore placed on understanding the logic behind general documentation requirements rather than highly-technical legal reasoning or unusual documentation situations.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The Three Golden Rules of loan documentation
  • The most important loan documentation question
  • Loan documentation as a part of the credit decision-making process
  • Determining loan purpose
  • Borrowing, identification, and signature requirements for sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations
  • Guarantor issues
  • A generalized guaranty framework
  • Corporate guaranty issues
  • General third party liability issues
  • Components of a typical loan agreement
  • Advantages & disadvantages of loan agreements
  • Subordination issues

Participants: This is a principles course that is appropriate both for those who are just learning the documentation process and for those who wish to review basic loan documentation principles in a controlled, classroom setting. This seminar is appropriate for lenders, analysts, credit committee members, loan reviewers, examiners, managers, and bank presidents.

Instructor: John Reik of John Reik & Associates, a Minnesota based business training and consulting firm. John has presented numerous RMA seminars and has been a lecturer and Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Minnesota for over 40 years. He also was senior trainer and manager of Credit and Finance Education for U.S. Bank for 8 years.

Items to Bring: Pencils and Calculator.
Note: We are unable to guarantee enough outlets for everyone to charge phones.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received after 4/3 (& no-shows) will be charged the full applicable registration fee.



Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Sunrise Banks

2525 Wabash Avenue
St. Paul MN 55114