Eric Guttormson

Co-Chair: Education

Sunrise Banks


Eric Guttormson is a Commercial Lender at Sunrise Banks with a diverse lending practice among real estate and operating businesses. Eric’s approach to lending is relational and analytical to develop trusting and honest lending relationships. Eric holds a CRC from the RMA and an MBA from Hamline University. Eric enjoys sharing expertise with others through teaching and writing. Eric has been published in both the RMA Journal and Minnesota Bankers Association News Magazine.

Eric joined the RMA, MN Chapter as a member of the Education Committee in 2016 and was voted Co-Chair of the Education Committee in June 2020.

Eric works from home and co-working space at the Fuel Collective as well as the Sunrise Banks branch in the North Loop of Minneapolis. Eric enjoys engaging in the Minneapolis & St Paul community with his family at local restaurants, breweries and distilleries, retail stores, and parks. Eric balances his work and family life with long-distance cycling and running.


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